Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another couple join the club...

This weekend some great friends of our got married this weekend.
And David had the honor of being in the wedding party. See how well he cleans up! LOL!
And see how beautiful of a bride Rita was? And look at that dashing husband of hers. It really was a beautiful wedding.
The bridesmaids wore stunning red dresses and I was thrilled to get to do all the bridal jewelry.
And those bridesmaids sure did know how to party! They made sure Rita had a WONDERFUL time! We even got to hang out with our friends Corey and Misty who now live in MS.

They were sent to their honeymoon in Vagas in true Louisiana style wearing LSU apparel! Yes I know LSU suffered a horrible loss the very next day but we are not going to discuss that.
So there you have it...all caught up on all things Sanders...for the most part! LOL!

Enjoying the beautiful fall weather...

See...totally enjoying life...
With this little fella...
These pic were actually taken weekend before last....where is the time going?
We spent most of that weekend outside in the yard. Had two picnics and a visit from April the party pup to hand deliver an invite to her nephew's birthday party.
Zane didn't know exactly what to think of that! LOL!

Oh and t-ball! My little guy wanted to hit a ball...bad. So we got him a t-ball set.

He needs a lot of practice but he is diggin' it

Some pretties...

Despite my lack of posting pics...I have indeed been making tons of jewelry creations...
Most of these were custom pieces but can be recreated if needed.
I love this LSU bracelet! May have to make me one simular.

And this two tone fleur de lis pendant is one I had to recreate for myself too!

But these have been popular...I call them reMINDer bracelets. My dear friend April wanted me to come up with something to remind her of the positive things she needs in her life and I came up with the reMINDer series. The one above was for a different customer for a Christmas gift.
Ok so I'll be back with weekend pics!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Annual Cochon de Lait

Another overdue post...this was from our annual family reunion...which happens to be a Cochon de Lait.

It's about as southern as it gets. We roast a pig, listen to cajun music, watch LSU football, drink beer (well I don't...but everyone else does), eat cracklins, and dine on everything from Jamabalya to Alligator Sauce Piquante.
And PLENTY of family time. Which is the best of all.

We see some people that we otherwise wouldn't get to see aside from a wedding or funeral.
And some are more closely related like my aunts and uncle...pictured below with my dad.
It's so nice when we can all get together like this.
Granted this used to be a way bigger deal than it is now and I'm not sure when it really started to get so mellow but it's quite tame now compaired to the elaborate skits and costumes they used to put on!
For years we were unable to attend because October was the heart of the craft show season and since I've been doing craft shows since I was 13, we sort of just stopped going because we ALWAYS had a conflict with the date. Well last year we started going again since it was the first year I didn't have any craft shows scheduled.

And I couldn't do a post about the Cochon de Lait with a picture of the actual roast...

Well I'm gradually catching up with my posts...stay tuned!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Enjoying Life!

So sorry I've been slacking lately...
I've been enjoying this little guy and life in general. I have SO many amazing pics and stories of things my little man has been doing...as well as some jewelry updates and fun stuff to share. I'll post more this week. Promise!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Halloween...Dang this is Late!

Another WAY late post. This is my Halloween post. Zane did great with trick or treating. He wore his dinosour costume again and totally rocked it. he was the cutest little dino we saw all night!

He walked up to houses like a champ.

He even got the very shy Brode (a friend who shares the same birthday) to not only go up to houses to trick or treat but in this picture they didn't even wait for the person to open the door...they just walked on in! As soon as I snapped this picture I had to go get them and make sure they knocked and waited! The lady that answered the door thought it was hillarious.
They really did love trick or treating together. Then after we went back to Brode's parent's house for a family friendly Halloween party. It was so nice.

I have a feeling these two will be good friends...I also have a feeling my son will get him in a lot of trouble. LOL!

So after the family friendly party, my mom offered to keep Zane so we could go meet some friends for some adult time.

Since ut was sorta last minute we didn't really have costumes so we just had some fun with make up.
I was diggin' those eyelashes...although I had a couple fights with them trying to get them to stay on!
Well that's all folks!

I'll be posting a recap for THIS weekend soon...ish.

The Circus has come to MY town

Ok so I'm SO late posting these. Last friday we went to the Circus.
There was a sweet little one ring traveling tent circus that came to town and I just couldn't resist taking Zane. None of us had ever been to the circus so we didn't really know what to expect other than the normal stuff you think of when you think of a circus.
It was indeed tiny and not as grand as the money we paid to see it but still worth taking little man to see.
We didn't think he was paying that much attention really. He did a lot of squirming and cutting up so we though he wasn't that interested. But the next day, it's all he could talk about! He kept telling people about the clowns...so at least i know he isn't freaked out by them! LOL!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Doing some guest work...

Over at the PaperCut Blog...
Go play along!

(p.s. I'll be back later to do a post Halloween post!)