Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another couple join the club...

This weekend some great friends of our got married this weekend.
And David had the honor of being in the wedding party. See how well he cleans up! LOL!
And see how beautiful of a bride Rita was? And look at that dashing husband of hers. It really was a beautiful wedding.
The bridesmaids wore stunning red dresses and I was thrilled to get to do all the bridal jewelry.
And those bridesmaids sure did know how to party! They made sure Rita had a WONDERFUL time! We even got to hang out with our friends Corey and Misty who now live in MS.

They were sent to their honeymoon in Vagas in true Louisiana style wearing LSU apparel! Yes I know LSU suffered a horrible loss the very next day but we are not going to discuss that.
So there you have it...all caught up on all things Sanders...for the most part! LOL!

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Beth Perry said...

LOL!!! "we are not going to talk about that".
you so funny, ms M, yes you are.
you and your hubby look delish! Can't wait to be sandwiched in b/w you two in Jan! ha!
love you!
have a wonderful thanksgiving!