Saturday, November 07, 2009

Halloween...Dang this is Late!

Another WAY late post. This is my Halloween post. Zane did great with trick or treating. He wore his dinosour costume again and totally rocked it. he was the cutest little dino we saw all night!

He walked up to houses like a champ.

He even got the very shy Brode (a friend who shares the same birthday) to not only go up to houses to trick or treat but in this picture they didn't even wait for the person to open the door...they just walked on in! As soon as I snapped this picture I had to go get them and make sure they knocked and waited! The lady that answered the door thought it was hillarious.
They really did love trick or treating together. Then after we went back to Brode's parent's house for a family friendly Halloween party. It was so nice.

I have a feeling these two will be good friends...I also have a feeling my son will get him in a lot of trouble. LOL!

So after the family friendly party, my mom offered to keep Zane so we could go meet some friends for some adult time.

Since ut was sorta last minute we didn't really have costumes so we just had some fun with make up.
I was diggin' those eyelashes...although I had a couple fights with them trying to get them to stay on!
Well that's all folks!

I'll be posting a recap for THIS weekend soon...ish.


Beth Perry said...

well, it looks like you won the "fight" with the lashes. b/c you look hot. M, you and your family are so beautiful! Zane looks awesome dressed up too. And his face is so presh!!!
Awesome pics, baby!! I can't wait to be in those pics with you soon!

Mandi said...

I think it's so cool that you guys are able to go out and have adult time. I'm sooo scared of not having that some day. :)