Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Decor

Yes, I'm back tracking just a share our holiday decor with you.
Even Zane helped...sort of.
He did love the much so that his daddy put some up in his room for him.
I loved the winter white look this year. Kinda makes me sad since I don't normally repeat a theme...I may have to modify it and do a rework of it next year;)
This was Zane's very first handmade Christmas ornament...displayed proudly at the front of the tree!
David finished a large portion of our built in cabinets just in time for our Christmas decorating...I was quite pleased with that!

Sadly it all comes down in just over a week. I'm keeping it up for our visit from Ms. Beth Perry!
So more to come on pics...too many to share at once!


Beth said...

you are???? yayayaa!!!!

amy lapi said...

your decor is so beautiful! and inspiring. great photos, too. <3