Monday, December 14, 2009

Lots of crafting going on here...

More handmade gift tips...
I got this TOTALLY cute set of Mustache Espresso Mugs (as a birthday present to myself!) from Uptown Avenue on Etsy. Totally cute! I can't wait to use them this Christmas!!

And here are a few of my latest handmade pretties!
I went on a bit of a creative rampage Friday night...and this was the outcome.
Naturally I was supposed to be working on other things.
But I can't control when the creativity I went with it!
These are part of my new Couture line and I sold like half of the ones I posted already! I still have SO many ideas swirling around in my head! Maybe I'll get some jewelry crafting in tonight and kick out a few more designs!
This lovely went strait to Ms. B! It was designed around that beautiful rosette that she made! Oh and B, I'm gonna need another one (for me!!) he he!


Beth said...

LOL!!! I will get you another one! hahaha
And I love all your pretties! THose mustache plates/cups are tooo adorable! Love them!
Have a great Monday!

Beth said...

I really love your take on the jack this month. It is sooo freaking awesome, babe!