Friday, December 04, 2009

Thanksgiving Update (part 2)

Now you know I have to wrap up our Thanksgiving recap before I can start posting December stuff!
So this will mainly be a picture post. We took lots of pictures in hopes to get a good Christmas card pic...I think we got one...we shall see.
I liked the above one but I was looking for something more candid and sweet.

And I loved the cabin porch as our backdrop on this one but the sun was bright and Zane wasn't very happy. So we went around back to the old smoke house (shown in the first picture) and just let him do his thing. I think we have success.
One night we braved the cold and sat by the fire and talked and roasted marshmellows and drank hot chocolate.
Zane is a huge marshmellow fan...although he only likes his lightly toasted with very little goo.
*good to know I guess*

So then Thanksgiving day it was time for dinner. And my little man didn't appear to be very happy...tired mostly because he didn't sleep at all the first night we were there. Like-at-all.
But he warmed up to the idea of it when he saw his momma's baked macorroni and cheese ;)
So we had a wonderful meal with close family. No frills. No fancy table setting. Nothing over the top. Just us. Just Thanksgiving dinner.
That's the way we do it. Ok so the crafter in me wishes we had a fancy table setting but honestly, it would be out of place in that old cabin. This was just perfect.
So we have also made it a tradition to go into Natchitoches to see the beautiful Christmas lights along the river.
As we drove for almost an hour down the dark, lonely country road to get there I thought to this really worth it? I mean we saw it last year. Won't it be the same? But then we got there and I was just as amazed and filled with warm Christmas spirit. And certainly Zane was thrilled with it too. He just wanted to run up and down the river bank as he looked at the lights in wonder.
It truely is worth the trip and is sure to get you in the Christmas mood.

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