Wednesday, December 02, 2009

We came, we ate, we gave thanks

Well Thanksgiving is over...and what did we do?
We went to the cabin up in the woods of north Louisiana. It's a great old house that belonged to my husband's great grandmother. We have sort of made it a tradition every year to go there for Thanksgiving.
It was cool and crisp but not too cold so it was perfect.
I couldn't help but notice how beautiful it was up there with the old house and nature and the beautiful sunlight in the afternoons. So I took lots of pics.
I love playing around with my camera. Nothing fancy, just a sony cybershot but I love how versital it can be.
As I pondered all the things I'm thankful for I kept coming back to the fact that I'm thankful for all the inspiration I find around me. I'm thankful that I can find the beauty in things and see things with fresh eyes over and over again and never let it get dull.
We've been to this house every year for five years and (with the exception of one year) and I still am facinated with this land and the beauty of this rustic, simple old house and the things that people around here see every day.
So to take advantage of this beautiful land we did a lot of four wheeler riding. Zane love it. He wanted his daddy to take him in the woods constantly. We made a couple of trips together then I just let the boys ride and have fun.
Zane pretended to drive as David guided the handle bars without him noticing. I think he truely though he was driving! He was so proud.

And what would a trip to the woods be if we didn't take the jeep out there too? We rode out to the pond in the woods a few times which was nice since it was pretty chilly. The view really is beautiful. Every now and then we would stop and listen for things in the woods and checking out the squirls.
Oh and we posed for silly pictures. That was my favorite part ;) My husband is such a ham!
Since I had so many wonderful pictures and memories to share from this long holiday weekend I'm breaking it up into two updates. I'll post the other soon.

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