Sunday, January 31, 2010

Newest Scraps

I've been hella busy scrappin'! Here are my latest scrappies.

All made with Dove of the East papers...mainly from the new lines.

I was amazed at how the new Paris line worked with my New Orleans pics!
And even for some old fair pics I've been meaning to scrap.
Love. I've got more pages in the works...I'll share more soon!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Anthro Inspo

Who doesn't love Anthropologie?
Well I have made it a goal of mine to dress very Anthro without spending Anthro dough. LOL! This is my dress for less version of this Anthropologie look.

Blouse: "George" by Wal-Mart
Blaser: thrifted

Have fun with your clothes! Don't take your outfit so seriously!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Valentine Style

What's yours?
Well since I missed Montage Monday...I thought I would make up for it with a couple of Valentine inspired montages!
I love them both for very different reasons! What's your style?
Romatic Montage:
Necklace-Thrifted (Michelle Sanders)
Country Montage:
Necklace- Thrifted (Michelle Sanders)
*Ok so my pieces aren't in my etsy shop yet...just give me a shout if you want any of the necklaces*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nola day trip

This weekend I tagged along with my photog friend Nicole for a day trip to New Orleans

Nicole had a photo shoot and asked if I could come along for company...and since that always promises to be a good time...I agreed.

It was such a strange and foggy day.
We literally watched the fog come in on the river as we were there. It was stunning.
Since I was super intimidated by Nicole's awesome camera and mad skills, i didn't take many shots but these i just couldn't resist. I've never seen the river like this so I had to pull out my lil'ol camera and see what magic there was through the lens. I was pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jewels Anyone?

So I made a bunch of new jewels Friday...and posted them on facebook.
They went FAST! These are the few that I have left!

I'm so honored that my pretties have been going so quickly! Contact me if you are intersted in any jewelry or hosting a jewelry party. (

Oh Scrap!!

I've been scrappin...can't share it all just yet but here is a peek.
This is a layout with some of the Dove of the East papers.
I love doing altered art projects and cutting it up and making unique layout with it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This makes me want ink...

Swoon. Somebody hold me back...

Monday, January 18, 2010

Quick Mini Project...

Ok so I made a mini out of iphone pics I took over the holidays and I was looking for a cool way to bind them together. Then I decided that I would use an idea I had for a while and never used...bind them together swatch book style with a post! You know those posts from post bound scrapbooks that we tossed years ago? It worked out so well! The pictures just fan out and it looks so well put together, like it was supposed to be bound that way.
The cover is made from a Hambly thick clear overlay and I used Embelishments and paper from my "Merry & Bright" Masters kit and some alphas from my stash. This was such a fun and quick mini to do...great for a ton of pics and little to no embelishments! Perfect gift mini
I'll certainly be making more of these in the future!

Montage Monday!!

Time for another montage...
Blouse: Anthropologie
Skirt: Tender Vintage Etsy Shop
Necklace: Michelle Sanders (Thrifted Finds Etsy Shop)
Leggings: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Urban Original
Purse: Platypi Vintage Etsy Shop

Man I want that Anthro blouse!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Yankie in the Dirty South...

Ok so I'm hella late on this update but geez the pics we had to sort through!
We went to NOLA Thursday pm to pic up B from the airport and we drove strait to our little bed and breakfast. B called it a bungalow...I loved that!
It was so charming and sweet! We stayed at the Royal Barracks Guesthouse on Barracks Street in the French Quarter a block from Bourbon Street. The location was amazing and we got a great deal on the price.
The walls had cobalt blue subway tiles, it had a custom made bunk bed with working lamp posts and the bathroom sink was set in a wooden barrel. It was so funky and fun. Exactly the feeling I was going for for Beth's stay in NOLA!

After a little freshening up, we headed out.
First stop, Pat O's for hurricanes...

..lots of hurricanes! Delish hurricanes! Strong hurricanes!

Since it was crazy cold...I mean CRAZY, we sat in the piano bar. We normally wouldn't think to hang out there...but I'm so glad we did because we had a blast.
They played everything from Pour Some Sugar on Me to Piano Man! So I had to make a special request of my own. Despite my tiny little $3 tip, they were impressed with my selection and played it right away!! I was SO excited and very sorry for the poor people sitting next to us as I sang Sweet Child 'O Mine at the top of my lungs! A blast i tell ya!

So after getting all amped up there we couldn't just call it a night like that...
We went on to Cat's Meow and sang some more...although by this point I was on strait Coca Cola and David was running on Red Bull. We were probably the most alert people in the place!

And what NOLA trip would be complete without a trip to Cafe du Monde? Beth was quite impressed with these fried dough concoctions!

I totally LOVE the culture and architecture of New Orleans. LOVE it. I've always wanted to take a piece of this culture home with me. And what better way to do that than to purchase an authentic painting from a local street artist in Jackson Square?
And that's exactly what I did.
I got this amazing painting from the guy in the picture above. I adore the colors! It's a perfect abstract Louisiana cemetery scene. It has taken a prime spot in my living room already!

Also while in Jackson Square we visited St Louis Cathedral, a few shops and we toured a great Louisiana Mardi Gras museum.
And got a little inappropriate with the exhibits. *cough, cough*....

Moving right along...
And yes we did cheesy gift shop photo posing. Love that too!
And with that we were off to head back to our house

Friday night we went to a local place to see a New Orleans cover band called the Chee Weez...
Another amazing time was had. The band was dressed as the New Orleans Saints with war paint on and all...and they shared to hot girls in the front row! LOL!

Man that was a great night.

My Favorite Yankie Part 2

So here is part two of Beth's visit...
Saturday we met our partner in crime, Nicole and went Antique shoping, had lunch and just roamed around.

We went to Circa 1857, Honeymoon Bungalow and Time Warp. Got lots of fabulous thrifted finds, even a cool vintage dress.

I was so amazed with the frozen fountain because this kind of cold weather never happens here...the last time it was this cold was like 14 years ago. Beth was so amused with me taking pictures of this because she is so used to frozen fountains where she is in St. Louis! We joked all weekend that SHE brought this weather with her!

We stoped and took our picture in every mirror we cam across. I mean did you really think we would pass up a photo op?

So after thrifting, we had worked up quite a hunger! So we went to get sushi at one of my favorite sushi spots.

Speaking of food, we had to whip up some wonderful Louisiana cooking for our northern I made her some Crawfish Etouffee. That was a big hit with her!

Food wasn't the only thing we whipped up...we sat down and made some jewelry with some of Beth's thrifted finds that she brought from St. Louis. It was so fun to get to craft with B...even if we never scrapbooked the whole time she was here! *Gasp* I know, right?! Crazy.

Sunday Beth and I both had a treat when we went on a tour of the Nottaway Plantation.

I have been there many times before...even had my bridal pictures taken there but it has been SO long since I toured the house on an offical tour. I was a little girl to be exact. So I got to relive a lot of the history just as Beth was.
And lots of pictures were taken too!
*note the ice in this fountain too! LOL!

This picture of us in the mirror in the White Ballroom is probably my fav of the weekend...I stood in this very mirror in my wedding dress nearly 8 years ago. Crazy.

I was so honored to have the chance to share this history and culture with B!
Now this isn't just any old mirror was part of the history of the house. According to the tour guide, is mirror was installed on this piece of furniture for a very special reason. Apparently back in those days if a young girl showed her ankles then she was ready to marry and since the father of the house had many daughters he had this mirror placed at the door so the girls could check the length of their dresses as they left the house to make sure they were not showing any ankle! Guess he didn't want any premature weddings! As you can see we were very ankles showing. LOL!
We that's about it. I could tell you about our cheese and crackers and spinach dip and late nights watching Trueblood and our photo slide shows on the big screen tv but I have no pics to show of any of that so I'll leave it at that. *sigh* so many memories. And way too many pictures to post here. B posted hers on can see them here.