Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Favorite Yankie Part 2

So here is part two of Beth's visit...
Saturday we met our partner in crime, Nicole and went Antique shoping, had lunch and just roamed around.

We went to Circa 1857, Honeymoon Bungalow and Time Warp. Got lots of fabulous thrifted finds, even a cool vintage dress.

I was so amazed with the frozen fountain because this kind of cold weather never happens here...the last time it was this cold was like 14 years ago. Beth was so amused with me taking pictures of this because she is so used to frozen fountains where she is in St. Louis! We joked all weekend that SHE brought this weather with her!

We stoped and took our picture in every mirror we cam across. I mean did you really think we would pass up a photo op?

So after thrifting, we had worked up quite a hunger! So we went to get sushi at one of my favorite sushi spots.

Speaking of food, we had to whip up some wonderful Louisiana cooking for our northern I made her some Crawfish Etouffee. That was a big hit with her!

Food wasn't the only thing we whipped up...we sat down and made some jewelry with some of Beth's thrifted finds that she brought from St. Louis. It was so fun to get to craft with B...even if we never scrapbooked the whole time she was here! *Gasp* I know, right?! Crazy.

Sunday Beth and I both had a treat when we went on a tour of the Nottaway Plantation.

I have been there many times before...even had my bridal pictures taken there but it has been SO long since I toured the house on an offical tour. I was a little girl to be exact. So I got to relive a lot of the history just as Beth was.
And lots of pictures were taken too!
*note the ice in this fountain too! LOL!

This picture of us in the mirror in the White Ballroom is probably my fav of the weekend...I stood in this very mirror in my wedding dress nearly 8 years ago. Crazy.

I was so honored to have the chance to share this history and culture with B!
Now this isn't just any old mirror was part of the history of the house. According to the tour guide, is mirror was installed on this piece of furniture for a very special reason. Apparently back in those days if a young girl showed her ankles then she was ready to marry and since the father of the house had many daughters he had this mirror placed at the door so the girls could check the length of their dresses as they left the house to make sure they were not showing any ankle! Guess he didn't want any premature weddings! As you can see we were very ankles showing. LOL!
We that's about it. I could tell you about our cheese and crackers and spinach dip and late nights watching Trueblood and our photo slide shows on the big screen tv but I have no pics to show of any of that so I'll leave it at that. *sigh* so many memories. And way too many pictures to post here. B posted hers on can see them here.

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Beth said...

I am about to cry. I am serious. this makes me miss you even more than I already was. boo button.
thpsth thspsoths (two finger in the air then, a twirl and down while spitting with my tongue)
and the parts that we DON'T have pictures of were my favorite times, btw.
I miss you and D and Z so much. I am already planning in my head to come back very soon.
I was "at home" there. I was so comfortable and felt like it was a place I had been my whole life.
I so much enjoyed learning the history and culture of the museums and plantations we toured, too.
I love you and miss you and now I am sad AND STILL HUNGRY.
and it is funny that my pic of your shrimp etouffee is like just a little portion on my plate. that was because I had eaten my first FULL plate so fast, I didn't even THINK of taking a pic. Then, got seconds and thought...hmmm photo op? lol