Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lazy Weekend...

Not much going on here this weekend. And it's nice.

Zane was invited to a birthday party today so we went hang out there. It was nice to see some folks that I otherwise only see on facebook! LOL! The hostess, my friend Angel made the cutest Mickey Mouse sugar cookies...they were awesome. You can tell from Zane's icing covered mouth that he enjoyed more than his share.

Yesterday we went hunting for some accessories for the Easter Tea and I'd say were were pretty successful. When we got home I had a quick little mini photo shoot for a fun little project I was asked to participate in.
I love how they turned out. I'll share more on that very soon!

So tomorrow is Monday...another work week begins. Strange thing is that for the first time in a LONG time, I don't mind. I'm not dreading it. I'm not excited about it either but I don't feel that ugghhhh know. Strange. Well happy Sunday to you. Laters!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shop update

Ok so I'm planning a big shop update thise weekend...
Both on my facebook jewelry albums and in my etsy stay tuned for all these pretties and much more, including earrings and bracelets too!

Check my facebook page through out the weekend as well as my etsy shop!

Just wanted to share...

I realized that here it is, Thursday...and I hadn't shared the pics from the weekend.
Well the first pic was one of my 365 pics from the week but below are the pics of Zane getting his face painted for the very first time.
He was not to excited about the idea of it...until he saw a little boy with his face painted like spiderman. Since his is now obsessed with the black spiderman from spiderman 3, I suggested that we ask the lady if she could do black spiderman. Sure enough...she was able to accommodate.
It was at a birthday party for my friend's daughter so there were tons of things to do...including cupcake decorating. Boy did he LOVE piling on stuff on top that cupcake!

He ate a couple bites too...just enough to get sprinkles stuck to his face paint! LOL! When we got home he looked sad so I asked him what was wrong...he said he wasn't spiderman anymore. So I had to show him in the mirror that he was indeed still spiderman. After that he kept checking the mirror every so often to make sure he was still spiderman. When it was time for a bath he calmly told me he was ready to be Zane again! How cute is that?! After his bath he asked when he could be spiderman again...or Bumblebee from Transformers. All boy, that kid.
So I'll share a couple more of my 365s...
I've been keeping up with them better now that I have a 365 app on my phone. Helps me keep them organized and I can even upload them to facebook. Sometimes I adore technology.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For your creative side...

Here is a peek at my latest projects for the Masters Kit Club...
Lots of layouts...the one above is my fav.
Followed closely by these two of Zane.
I did some other fun stuff to like an accordian style year at a glance mini book

And a couple of sets of cards...

You can see more pictures and some how to tips at

Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Whites Montage

Winter Whites...they can be quite stunning when done well...

...and with a pop of color. I got all these lovelies at an amazing little etsy shop called . Great prices and wonderful detail.

And what to wear with such amazing vintage? Well something classic but dramatic. This statement piece Wing should do the trick. Brand spanking new to my winter collection. Give me a shout if you want me to whip one up for you.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Montage?

Any objections to a Friday Montage? I call this one "Last Train to Paris".
All items from They had some discussion on thier blog about how to style this dress and I just had to do a montage! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentines, Wishes, Thrifties & Scrapies...

This afternoon my little guy picked a flower for me...
He knew the concept of blowing on it but didn't know much about the "wish" part of it.
He was so patient while I took his picture...he waited till I snapped a couple before he went ahead and blew on it.
As for the scrappies, this is my version of this month's Scrapjacked.
This time we jacked the uber talented Kerry Lynn. Come see her page and play along with us!

And now on to Valentine's Day...
The hubs gave me the traditional heart box of candy...not too much cause he knows I won't ever eat them all. And also some precious chocolate covered fortune cookies. But there was a surprise...
He made this wonderful drawing of us from a picture we had taken a couple weeks ago. It means so much to me that he did that for me! Now I need to find the perfect frame and place to display it.

And what did he get from me?
Well I got us matching mugs from Anthropologie and a few other little happies that I thought he would enjoy.
And lastly, I had a friend ask me to take her thrifting soon. So I set out to do my homework and case a few local thrift places to see which ones I need to make sure to hit. Well I racked up! Not only did I get some killer goodies for Spiderman PJs with his favorite Black Spiderman and a pair of VANS kicks! He LOVES them! I even managed to find a vintage Louis Vuiton purse! SCORE!
These are a few of the pieces i ended up taking home with me. I'm thinking I need to start back up with offering vintage items in my etsy shop...yes?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dreaming of a Winter Cruise...

...well winter cruise attire at least.

I'm the proud new owner of the sassy Anthro chevron blouse and I couldn't be happier about that!

*as usual, just drop me a line if you would like the jewelry since I have not listed it just yet-I'll give ya first dibs!*

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I've been feeling very creative lately...

just too lazy to do anything about it! LOL! But I did manage to make a few projects a couple weeks ago that I haven't shared yet. Above is an altered tin box with a magnet set. I've been holding on to this tin box for a while now...just waiting for the perfect project! So I covered the top of it with a Studio Calico joiurnaling card and then used Prima page pebbles to embelish simple round magnets and presto! It was that easy and makes a perfect quick gift!

And then I made these sweet little mini note books with two of the other journaling cards and bound them with my bind it all machine. They are so cute I don't wanna use them! LOL!

And then I got in the valentine mood and made some simple valentines! Using some Crate Paper and American Crafts papers. If you look closely you can see on the cards on the right and left, I used the bottom edge of the American Crafts paper where the name of the paper line is printed. It was too cute to not use!

These I used the Webster Pages papers and a splash of Jenni Bowlin and did a bit of machine stitching. I really do LOVE my sewing machine.
Well that's all for now. I'll be posting again soon with pics from our snow flurries! Yep, we had snow in South Louisiana! Didn't stick around...but there was definatly cold white stuff falling from the sky!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Apparenly there is royalty amoung us...

Ok so if you have been following me on facebook you know that I went to a Mardi Gras ball on Saturday. What I didn't know was the reason my cousin insisted that I attend...
Well this is why! My cousin Courtland and my Uncle were King & Queen Okeanos 2010! I'm so excited for her and she looked amazing. Simply stunning.
I got all dolled up in my red dress (the same red dress I wore at my wedding reception 8 years ago) and sported my new jewels I made about an hour before the ball! I work best under pressure. Since my husband was on call and couldn't make it, my date was my dear, sweet friend Alissa.
They had these cute little glasses prepared for all the king and queen's guests so we all felt like royalty.
Ok so I pulled a rookie mistake...I forgot my camera. You heard me right. I was so mad at myself. Luckily my iPhone takes decent pics in a pinch and one of Alissa's friends took this picture of us.
So let me back I mentioned, we had no idea my cousin was the queen. Not a clue. All I knew was that she insisted that I come. So I get there and see my Uncle who is a HARDCORE Saints fan. He was here in Louisiana. Not in Miami. The night before the Saints would play in their first EVER Super Bowl?! Something was not right. Then I look around and I didn't see my cousin. I saw her come in but then she disappeared. The lights went down and the show began and then I noticed my uncle was missing now too. Hmmm...well that's when I knew. I texted my husband and told him something was up...I thought Courtland was the queen! I was so sad he couldn't be there to see it all unfold!
*sorry the pics are not in order...silly blogger*
The saints space ship thing came down from the ceiling...that confirmed my suspicions.
Well the king comes out with a mask on and sits through the entire show so you don't know who he is till the queen comes out.
It was an amazing can't tell from my crumby iphone shots but if you look closely at the upper left of the picture below you can see the moon (big purplish colored circle in the backdrop). It was a circular opening with a sheer window and suddenly she appeared in that opening. She was then lowered down where the "moon rock" wall opened and she walked out with a long flowing train behind her.
As she made it to the front to meet her king, they both unmasked. It was magical.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Because I'm Lazy and Promised You a Montage

*originally posted at *

I'll pull together my own post soon. Promise.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Montage Monday!

Yes it's carnival time...and everybody's havin' fun! This is my dream carnival outfit! Too bad the one ball I got an invite to this year requires a floor length gown.


Dress: SEAMS Etsy Shop
Feathered Headpiece: Pegasusmaiden Etsy Shop
Jewelry: Thifted Finds (contact me)
Shoes: Studio 1950 Etsy Shop
Purse: mollusa Etsy shop