Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Apparenly there is royalty amoung us...

Ok so if you have been following me on facebook you know that I went to a Mardi Gras ball on Saturday. What I didn't know was the reason my cousin insisted that I attend...
Well this is why! My cousin Courtland and my Uncle were King & Queen Okeanos 2010! I'm so excited for her and she looked amazing. Simply stunning.
I got all dolled up in my red dress (the same red dress I wore at my wedding reception 8 years ago) and sported my new jewels I made about an hour before the ball! I work best under pressure. Since my husband was on call and couldn't make it, my date was my dear, sweet friend Alissa.
They had these cute little glasses prepared for all the king and queen's guests so we all felt like royalty.
Ok so I pulled a rookie mistake...I forgot my camera. You heard me right. I was so mad at myself. Luckily my iPhone takes decent pics in a pinch and one of Alissa's friends took this picture of us.
So let me back up...as I mentioned, we had no idea my cousin was the queen. Not a clue. All I knew was that she insisted that I come. So I get there and see my Uncle who is a HARDCORE Saints fan. He was here in Louisiana. Not in Miami. The night before the Saints would play in their first EVER Super Bowl?! Something was not right. Then I look around and I didn't see my cousin. I saw her come in but then she disappeared. The lights went down and the show began and then I noticed my uncle was missing now too. Hmmm...well that's when I knew. I texted my husband and told him something was up...I thought Courtland was the queen! I was so sad he couldn't be there to see it all unfold!
*sorry the pics are not in order...silly blogger*
The saints space ship thing came down from the ceiling...that confirmed my suspicions.
Well the king comes out with a mask on and sits through the entire show so you don't know who he is till the queen comes out.
It was an amazing entrance...you can't tell from my crumby iphone shots but if you look closely at the upper left of the picture below you can see the moon (big purplish colored circle in the backdrop). It was a circular opening with a sheer window and suddenly she appeared in that opening. She was then lowered down where the "moon rock" wall opened and she walked out with a long flowing train behind her.
As she made it to the front to meet her king, they both unmasked. It was magical.


Callista said...

omg that is soo cool! how fun. you look stunning and wow what wonderful jewerly you made to match.

Abby said...

Hello there! Just poppin' by to thank you for leaving some love on my BlueMoon post:) You look stunning on your night out!

Beth said...

awww that is so awesome!
and babe, you look absolutely gorgeous!