Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just wanted to share...

I realized that here it is, Thursday...and I hadn't shared the pics from the weekend.
Well the first pic was one of my 365 pics from the week but below are the pics of Zane getting his face painted for the very first time.
He was not to excited about the idea of it...until he saw a little boy with his face painted like spiderman. Since his is now obsessed with the black spiderman from spiderman 3, I suggested that we ask the lady if she could do black spiderman. Sure enough...she was able to accommodate.
It was at a birthday party for my friend's daughter so there were tons of things to do...including cupcake decorating. Boy did he LOVE piling on stuff on top that cupcake!

He ate a couple bites too...just enough to get sprinkles stuck to his face paint! LOL! When we got home he looked sad so I asked him what was wrong...he said he wasn't spiderman anymore. So I had to show him in the mirror that he was indeed still spiderman. After that he kept checking the mirror every so often to make sure he was still spiderman. When it was time for a bath he calmly told me he was ready to be Zane again! How cute is that?! After his bath he asked when he could be spiderman again...or Bumblebee from Transformers. All boy, that kid.
So I'll share a couple more of my 365s...
I've been keeping up with them better now that I have a 365 app on my phone. Helps me keep them organized and I can even upload them to facebook. Sometimes I adore technology.


Vanessa said...

SO CUTE that he thought spiderman was gone.

Beth said...

AWWWW THAT ZANE IS SO PRECIOUS! That is so cute that he asked to be Zane again. ahahaha
Love your photos. love your lunches. love you.