Monday, February 01, 2010

Montage Monday!

Yes it's carnival time...and everybody's havin' fun! This is my dream carnival outfit! Too bad the one ball I got an invite to this year requires a floor length gown.


Dress: SEAMS Etsy Shop
Feathered Headpiece: Pegasusmaiden Etsy Shop
Jewelry: Thifted Finds (contact me)
Shoes: Studio 1950 Etsy Shop
Purse: mollusa Etsy shop


Beth said...

ooo wee! I love your montage! and I am not going to even say anything about the headband...b/c we need to go to couples therapy.

and austin just told me he would move to LA if I found a good enough job. He said he didn't care at all.

rachaelwood said...

wish I got invited to a mardi gras ball! I am up in s'port and I know there are at least 8 or 9 krewes having them! but that montage is awesome!