Saturday, March 20, 2010

The quest for organization

Ahhhh yes, it seems like I'm always searching for it.
Well as most of you know I work on my jewelry sprawled out on my kitchen table. Since the Easter tea is fast approaching I've been straightening up my crafty mess. But how do you straighten an a you work at almost daily without making all of your supplies inaccessible? I mean if I spend the time and effort find a place to store it all and pick it all up, I would have a hard time making myself drag it all out again. Which is not a good thing.

So recently I've been talking with my friend April who is embarking on her own organization business. She came by the house the other day and gave me some great tips to get started. My mind has been racing ever since. One of the things she mentioned was a bit of a *duh* moment for things where you use them. So instead of picking up my supplies in my craft room (where they should most likely go), I should find creative storage to keep them where I actually use them...which is in the kitchen. She also mentioned that we should try to use what we have and avoid purchasing items to use in our organization process. This weekend I was vintage linen shopping in my mom's vast collection and came across this fab yellow and white table cloth. It reminded me of the color scheme I wanted to do in my craft room...yellow and teal. Then I remembered these beauties I had bought to use in my craft room and never did...
Vintage enamel teal canisters! BINGO! 4 nesting containers perfect for supply storage....right on top my table! So organized we actually ATE at the table tonight for supper! Seriously. I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Form AND function!
Thank you April! For my sanity!

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yay!! love this!