Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This is a very random post. Sorry. But just some images I wanna share.
I got these fabulous boots at a garage sale this weekend. A friend called me to tell me they had them in my (freakishly small) size. *so sweet of her* So I raced over there. Amazing find.

And this stunning (and a bit obnoxious) piece of art...totally inspiring me. *from J. Crew I think*
More inspiration...
Adoring these garlands by Easter Tea decor? Perhaps.
Speaking of Easter Tea decor...
SO much inspiration.

Went to Urban Outfitters this weekend when we went see Alice in Wonderland (which was totally amazing by the way)...and got these...
If I can become a dress girl...I can totally become a painted fingernail girl...right? *swoon*
Still making jewelry like mad.
Perhaps some craft shows are in my future this fall. It's been way too long.

Going strong with my 365 project. Lots of pics...too many to share really.

Got creative with some crocheted flowers by American Crafts.
I love making my scrappy supplies into jewelry. It's totally inspiring.
One last jewelry pic...
These remind me of gum drops...I *heart* them. Great addition to my spring collection.

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Callista said...

love the randomness!