Sunday, May 30, 2010

I just wanna...

hit the road...on a family camping adventure! So I'm preparing for it the best way I know how...with a montage!

hit the road pendant:
some like it hot print:
vintage camping print:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

They grow up so fast!

And so it begins...our little guy has successfully finished his very first year of preschool.
He has accomplished so many things this year and has grown up a ton. We are so proud! It was actually Wednesday, May 19th...15 years to the date of my high school graduation! Crazy huh?
The ceremony was so cute. His teacher, Ms. Johnnette (the same lady that taught me 6th grade) did a wonderful job. She interviewed each child prior to the ceremony and filled out certificates of completion based on their answers.
She then presented them to each child and read some of the answers. It was so sweet and cute. We had no idea what was on them until she read them.
For example, when she asked him what he wanted to do when he grows up...he just said "I just wanna go to work"! LOL! And when asked were was his favorite place to go with his parents he said the gym! That is so random! I guess he really is his daddy's boy. He always wants to leave with daddy in the morning when he says he has to go to work and he always want to go with daddy to the gym!
He also got a certificate for bike safety and for perfect attendance! He was the only child to get perfect attendance! He is such a trooper!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Le prisme de lustre Collection!

That's my new jewelry line!
This is one of my new pieces and I'm so excited about it! It's made with a large glass arm from a vintage chandelier. I've had this on my work table for a while trying to pull it together and do it justice. And finally it came together.

This is a picture of the chandelier it came from.
My mind is swimming with the possibilities! You will certainly be seeing more from this beauty!

And now on to my other crafty love...
Here is my page for the latest Scrapjacked challenge.
We jacked an amazing photographer! Go check it out!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fact Finding Mission...

That's what we did this weekend...
We took off Friday and hit the road. Our mission? To see what Biloxi has to offer since all the storm damage and reconstruction. We also wanted to get a little beach time before the massive oil slick hits the gulf coast.
Z was thrilled when he saw the beaches and realized that is where we were going. He was a little less than thrilled when he realized we had to go to the room first and eat lunch before we could hit the beach.
Speaking of the room, we were beyond pleased.
Since the storms, there isn't much lodging on the beach. Pretty much everything is across the street facing the beach. We weren't sure about some of the hotels and what kind of condition they were in or even the actual location and proximity to the beach. So this trip was a quick overnighter to research for future, longer trips. We choose to say at the Treasure Bay Casino and Resort. I was a little iffy about it since it is primarily a casino place but I figured how bad could it be...usually casinos are pretty classy in decor and have great amenities to attract people. So we went for it. When we got there we were immediately happy with the looks of things. It was obviously newly renovated and very stylish. Our entire floor where we were staying was smoke free and had beautiful furnishings.

I love the beds and headboards and they were SO comfy!

We paused to snap a quick iphone pic in the massive mirror. Speaking of iphone pics, that's all we got this weekend since I forgot my camera memory card...yet again. But it was kinda nice...freeing. And we still got some great pics.

Ok so back to the hotel...he he.
This was the pool area. Beautiful. It had a stunning infinity pool that cascaded to the second level. There were romantic tents with classy lounge chairs and little seating areas.
Then off to the beach...
The beach was very pretty. The sand was nice and white and it was very clean. Even the water looked pretty...which for anyone who knows Biloxi, you know it never used to be like that. Apparently the storms that cause all the destruction over the last few years has washed out all the junk and left the waters clean and beautiful.
We had to stop at a souvenier place and get the full experience...
Zane racked up! A lot gear for just one day at the beach! LOL

We did however find the hotel food a little pricey for a family friendly meal so we headed off to Hooters for some familiar food and loud atmosphere...perfect for our little wild man.
He was amused at the hooters hokie pokie they were playing for a little boy's birthday at the table behind us.

And finally one last stop at the souvenir city place to grab a final souvenir that Z had to have! This was the original shark mouth they had at their store before the hurricane. A lady had found it in some debris and had it in her back yard for a few years until they reopened and they brought it back to them. That was kinda cool.
On the way home we did a little bit more fact finding...
We stoped off at Jellystone and got some info for future adventures that are SURE to come soon!
And to think we almost didn't go because Z was sick earlier in the week with an ear infection and I had a horrible migraine Thursday and had to be driven home from work. But after a good night sleep and proper meds, we were good to go....a little groggy on the drive but good.
All in all we had an amazing weekend. Life is good.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day...*le sigh*

My boys done me right...
Mother's day this year was slow and easy and perfect. David took Z to the store to pick out my mother's day gift himself. It's amazing what random things a three year old will pick out. He got me a set of bright blue plastic dishes...cause I guess he thought I needed new dishes. Then he wanted to give me candy so David pointed him to some of my favorites. He even picked out a precious little heart shaped mushroom plant pick to go in the flower bed since he knew I was working on the yard this weekend. And finally he wanted to get me a McDonald's hamburger so David got me a McD's gift card.

It really was cute. Speaking of working in the are some random picks of the newest flower bed.

I started my day off with taco dip and hint of lime chips and ended it with candy specially picked out for me and had A WHOLE LOT of boiled crawfish in between.
*for some reason blogger seems to feel the need to keep rotating that picture*
AND he even washed my car too! Needless to say I'm feeling pretty spoiled at the point.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

As promised....

More pretties from the amazingly talented Beth Perry! For the one above I requested that she make me an all black one that I could wear with a dress, a tank, a t-shirt, whatever...and this is the amazing bib necklace she came up with.

Below was a pretty little colorful suprise she whipped up for me! I love it...mainly cause it's not one I asked her to make and yet it's perfect! I tend to go towards the practical and the "goes with more" attitude so needless to say I most likely would have not ordered one like this. But not that I have it, I know I'm gonna get a ton of wear out of it!
And finally the tone on tone white/cream bib necklace...
Isn't it a dream? This summer is gonna be quite sassy with all these stylish pretties!!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Scared for Life...again

Yep, I finally did it...after much discussion and thought...I finally got that tattoo I've been think about.
*necklace made by the super talented Beth Perry...more on that in it's very own post later*

So much thought that I even went the week before and had her (Kristin with Art Addiction) put the stencil on my so I could go home and "live with it" to make sure I was ok with the placement.
As soon as she put it on me I wanted to get it done. But we had company coming over and I to get home. So I waited. I watched it fade and disappear that week and it made me sad. That's how I knew I was ready for it.
I couldn't be happier with it.

It's no montage but...

It's sorta fashion-y...right?
I was so excited to finally wear my vintage dress I bought way back at the begining of winter.
Loved pairing it with a modern cardigan & belt. Fusion outfits like this are why I love vintage so much!
Dress: Vintage (from Time Warp, Baton Rouge)
Cardigan: Anthropologie
Belt: Target
Necklace: Thrifted Finds