Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day...*le sigh*

My boys done me right...
Mother's day this year was slow and easy and perfect. David took Z to the store to pick out my mother's day gift himself. It's amazing what random things a three year old will pick out. He got me a set of bright blue plastic dishes...cause I guess he thought I needed new dishes. Then he wanted to give me candy so David pointed him to some of my favorites. He even picked out a precious little heart shaped mushroom plant pick to go in the flower bed since he knew I was working on the yard this weekend. And finally he wanted to get me a McDonald's hamburger so David got me a McD's gift card.

It really was cute. Speaking of working in the are some random picks of the newest flower bed.

I started my day off with taco dip and hint of lime chips and ended it with candy specially picked out for me and had A WHOLE LOT of boiled crawfish in between.
*for some reason blogger seems to feel the need to keep rotating that picture*
AND he even washed my car too! Needless to say I'm feeling pretty spoiled at the point.

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Callista said...

glad you had such a great day!