Tuesday, May 25, 2010

They grow up so fast!

And so it begins...our little guy has successfully finished his very first year of preschool.
He has accomplished so many things this year and has grown up a ton. We are so proud! It was actually Wednesday, May 19th...15 years to the date of my high school graduation! Crazy huh?
The ceremony was so cute. His teacher, Ms. Johnnette (the same lady that taught me 6th grade) did a wonderful job. She interviewed each child prior to the ceremony and filled out certificates of completion based on their answers.
She then presented them to each child and read some of the answers. It was so sweet and cute. We had no idea what was on them until she read them.
For example, when she asked him what he wanted to do when he grows up...he just said "I just wanna go to work"! LOL! And when asked were was his favorite place to go with his parents he said the gym! That is so random! I guess he really is his daddy's boy. He always wants to leave with daddy in the morning when he says he has to go to work and he always want to go with daddy to the gym!
He also got a certificate for bike safety and for perfect attendance! He was the only child to get perfect attendance! He is such a trooper!


Callista said...

Yay!! Congrats to him! Just don't let hime outgrow his puppy dog boots! :)

Beth said...

that is the cutest thing ever! and what adorably funny answers! the gym! lol
he won't think that when he gets older! haha
and your boys have perfect hair! love their hawks! so hot and cute! lol
Love you!
call you at 5!