Saturday, June 12, 2010

A camping we will go...

Yes last weekend we took our new (to us) camper out for our first family camping adventure.
We packed up the jeep and headed off to good 'ol Jellystone. David and I both have fond memories of Jellystone as a child. My parents used to take my brother and I tent camping when I was about Zane's age. Then we moved up to a camper.

So here we are...taking OUR child to experience the very same things we did as kids. It's true what they say, it really is more fun reliving it through your child's eyes. And Zane loved it!
We roasted marshmallows.
We went on hayrides.
Z was a big fan of the hayride.
But not so much of being an active participant...he just enjoyed the ride.
We even mined for gems.
It was so cute that they had this little set up for this. And Z was very excited to find a number of "gems" (unfinished colored rocks and minerals).
And he was LOVING him some Yogi bear. He could do without the long as Yogi was there. *notice how the other bears are sort of nudged out of the picture...Yes did that. He insisted on sitting in front of YOGI.
Oh and stomping in the water was way up there on Z's fun list. Since it rained all day Friday (stormed most of the time really) and Saturday, there was lots of water to play in.

Then we moved on to arts and crafts.
Jellystone as a kick butt arts and crafts program. We actually got to tie dye shirts!

Yes they moved WAY up on my cool meter.
And Z was so proud of the one his daddy helped him make.
We actually all made one!
I just love how they turned out! I hope they let us do more next time!
Oh and the water activities...oh the water activities...
Z loved splashing in the kiddie pool and playing in the "spray ground". It took him A LONG time to warm up to it but with some help of a water gun and daddy getting in to provoke him...he was sold.
Not to mention I was pleased with the ample photo ops this provided;) LOL
He really did have a blast.
And I think his daddy did too! LOL!
We proudly wore our park bracelets all weekend and was sad to cut them off when we got home.
Oh and mini golf...another first for Z. He enjoyed it as well...although we sped through it quite a bit cause it was getting rather late.
And it was so nice for the boys to be able to just run around and act silly. Like this moment when David took Z to the lake to rinse his feet after playing golf. He picked him up and whisked him back...giggling the whole time!
As for food...although we had to smell the delish meals the other campers were preparing like fried fish, boiled crawfish and jambalaya...we stuck to the traditional camping meals... like hot dogs and nachoes.
Z rather enjoyed that.
And he loved that we cooked them over our camp fire too.
After hot dogs we roasted marshmallows...
Yes he totally loved that.
We even made S'mores...a first for all of us actually!
They were pretty good but Z was full and tuckered out...he ate a couple bites and was ready to call it a night.
Well that's pretty much our camping adventure. Oh and we went paddle boat riding (Z's first time in a boat) and my iphone took a swim as we were getting out the boat. Thankfully quick reflexes and a day of not using it saved it. *that was a close call...pun totally intended!*
Needless to say we will be back...VERY soon...and OFTEN!

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