Monday, June 14, 2010

Never Loose Your Muchness

Playing blogger catch up still...this weekend we went to a birthday party for a friend's daughter.
It was an Alice in Wonderland themed party and they went ALL out! It was pretty amazing. Complete with a roasted pig, a professional fondant cake, life size character cut outs, costumes and all!

The picture of the three of us was snapped by the photographer, Ransonet Patterson. You can see more of her pics and the amazing costumes on her website.
Sadly my boys had already taken of their costumes. But you can see my Alice inspired outfit.
See I told you that cake was amazing...
It was made by Reed's Cakes and was delish...I never tasted such a yummy fondant covered cake.
And we even got to play a round of croquet...Z is actually a big fan of croquet.

Then on the way home Z decided to try on daddy's mad hatter was too adorable to not snap a picture of him as he giggled...sippin' on momma's icee!
Now I just have to post some scrappy projects and you will be all caught up!

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Beth said...

loving all the pics, girl!
missin you!