Monday, June 28, 2010

Return to Jellystone...these are the moments

Summer is in full swing in Louisiana... camping is hot, hot, HOT! We returned to Jellystone this weekend and had a blast as usual!

We enjoyed the "hey ride" and sang songs obnoxiously...
Although he doesn't sing while on the hay ride, he loves it and sings the songs later when no one is around. His new favorite is "boom chica boom", followed closely by "where is yogi". It really is precious.

We got our first yogi bear family portrait in front the big statue we posed in front of as kids...
And needless to say, lots and LOTS of pool time! And lets face it, that pool area at Jellystone pretty much rocks.
I even put the camera down long enough to splash around too...and my sweet hubs saw that and just knew he had to pick up where I left off and capture those moments too. Love him for knowing that.
This weekend was the Red, White and Blue weekend...complete with a mini carnival!
For $5 the kids were given 20 tickets to play all the games and just be kids. Z had a ball. He got faux tattoos...
and faux blue mohawks...he pretty much thought he was a rockstar.
After all that and a 50 cent BBQ, we were off to the pool again to cool off.

Below is one of my favorite captures, I only wish i knew what they were discussing!
So this time we brought along some friends to camp with us...
They have a daughter about Z's age and they had a blast too! And Z loved having a partner in crime;)
Needless to say, we are planning our return trip already!
Man I love camping and the quality time it provides with family! I still get all nostalgic thinking about how these are the moments our children will remember we remember our trips to Jellystone as kids. It's times like this that it really hits home that we are shaping the people our children will be and the things they will cherish and value in their lives for years to come. *le sigh*

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Grace said...

aww how fun I never knew there was really a jellystone Yogi Park!!! Get out..thanks for sharing precious pictures. Grace