Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tribute to my daddy

Yes on this day...father's day, we reflect on our fathers.

Mine has been amazing. He is not always the most patient man. He is not always the nicest. He isn't even the smartest. But my father has always been the most supportive and understanding father I've ever know.

He was never afraid to be silly. He always tries to be encouraging. He supports us in whatever decisions we make and he has always given us the space to be who we are.

Not once do I remember my dad discouraging me. Or telling me I couldn't do something when I tried. He always made me feel like I could do anything. He exposed me to culture and foods and experiences that shaped me to the adult I am today.
Not only do I get my dark hair and big smile from him, but I get my impatience from him. I get lots of my creativity from him. I get my compassion and understanding from him. I get my love of life from him. I get so many wonderful qualities from him that I can't even list them.

I thank God for him and plan on going hug his neck right now.

And there is one other very special father in my life...
This one I got the pleasure of seeing him actually become a daddy right before my eyes. It still amazes me. It still brings tears to my eyes. It still makes me proud. Yes I'm tearing up right now. Shut up. LOL!
Happy Father's day to my guys. You two are amazing.