Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Cast Away

Yes it's been a while...but lets montage...shall we?
This montage was inspired by that hot little swim suit. Yes I had to have it. So I made a montage to go with it. I also purchased the purse and the necklace is one of my creations...everything else is on my *wish* list;)

Swim Suit -
Purse - Susie Q Accessories (on facebook)
Shoes -
Hat -
Cover up Robe -
Necklace -

Oh how I need that hat and that cover up...ugghhh.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I've been scrappin' again...

I had so much fun with this month's Masters Kit.
I made this little banner...
And a couple of fun pages...
I tried my hand at paper pieceing and thought that was pretty cool. Had lots of fun mixing the paper patterns.

Then I did my take on the current scrapjacked challange. Go check us out and play along!
Now I'm off to work on my weekend recap...lots of updates there too. Laters!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Scrap Bloggy Inspiration...

A couple of scrappy blogs to share....

This week I was featured on the Artistic License blog. Such an for Vicki to want to include me on her blog. Check it out for a chance to win one of my jewelry designs!

Next I want to share with you a wonderful new blog I ran across. It's called Better Living Through Scrapbooking and I LOVE the idea of it! It's all about scrapbooking and documenting all your experiences
I love the concept of this blog! So inspirational and encouraging! AND they have a design team call going on right now. How cool is that? Very.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Full Weekend...

Despite no real plans this weekend, we managed to still have a full one.
It started out with a trip to my mom's to take Z for a quick visit. I found these wonderful windows in their never ending stash of thrifted finds. Did I ever mention my parents are gypsies? *sigh* I love them.
While there Z picked flowers in grandma's garden.
She certainly got the green thumb from my grandma Lucy. Maw Maw Lucy used to be able to grow flowers just by putting seeds in regular 'ol dirt.
It always reminds me of her when I see momma's Zinnias. I tried planting some (my second attempt) and so for...not looking so good.
But hers are amazing and Z loves going pick the ones he wants.
There was also some rocket ship making going on in the Sanders house this weekend.
Z and I used my latest Masters Kit and made this super cool little rocket out of a toilet paper roll. You can see the "how-to" details on the Masters Blog.
Then he tested it out with a few trips around the yard!

He really did have a blast! LOL!
I also attended a bridal shower for my beautiful cousin Courtland. She is just beaming! So excited to be getting married and starting her new domestic adventure. I love the promise of pending nuptials!
Oh and while I was busy showering my cousin with gifts, sipping on mint tea & eating finger sandwiches, my hubs was hard at work at home.

Check out the freshly stained concrete in our new dining room! This addition is years in the making and it's just now starting to look like it's coming to realization! I'm so excited!!

Well that's all folks. Well...all for now...we still have a full day left in this lovely weekend and my husband is taking me on a date. A real dinner and a movie date! *le sigh*

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chair envy

I don't normally go ga ga over furniture. Really I normally could care less. But these...
My heart nearly skipped a beat! Refinished Bertoia Side Chairs. *swoon*
I can just see them in my new dinning room. All fresh and clean and white and vintage meets modern...with some funky seat cushions...*le sigh*
And this yellow one...oh be still my heart.
An old friend of mine has recently acquired them and did the refinishing and is now about to sell them. I think I need one...or two. Oh my, oh my!
I know I have some design friends out there. Shoot me an email if you are interested. They are an exceptional find!

Monday, July 05, 2010

My Yankie Doodle Sweetheart....

Another wonderful holiday has come and gone.
We played it pretty low key this forth of July since David was on call all weekend. He has gotten 13 or 14 calls and we still have till the end of today! He is exhausted! But it didn't slow him down or keep him from making it a wonderful holiday for Z.
He grilled up some burgers and hot dogs...which were YUMmmy!
And I was very happy to have fresh tomatoes thanks to a sweet neighbor!
Then it was off to the levee to see the fireworks.
We sat on the hood of the Jeep and enjoyed the show...
well till Z decided he didn't like the fireworks and wanted to sit in the Jeep.
And what fourth of July would be complete for a three year old without sparklers? He loved them...and he was introduced to pops. He was a very happy boy.
And finally, here is one of my 365s...It's been a while since I shared them here.
Well I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Blog ya later!

Sweet little cousin Brady

My little cousin Brady is turning a year old. To mark this occassion, him momma asked me to take some first birthday pics for her. What a huge honor. These are pictures she will have and cherish forever. Pictures she could have gone to a studio and paid good money for. But she trusted me to do them for her. I'm truely honored.
So I packed up my trusty 'ol camera and headed out to the Plaquemine Locks to meet them.
It was horribly hot and sticky and the grass was wet with morning dew but the lighting was perfect and otherwise a beautiful day.
Brady was a perfect little ham.
He gave me lots of shots and emotions to work with!
I see why my photog friends enjoy what they do so much.
My cousin was pleased and was I...makes me wanna take Z for another photo shoot;) I'm sure you'll be seeing more this little ham soon since we will be attending his birthday party in a couple weeks. A birthday party at the new water park in town...SO many photo ops!!