Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Chair envy

I don't normally go ga ga over furniture. Really I normally could care less. But these...
My heart nearly skipped a beat! Refinished Bertoia Side Chairs. *swoon*
I can just see them in my new dinning room. All fresh and clean and white and vintage meets modern...with some funky seat cushions...*le sigh*
And this yellow one...oh be still my heart.
An old friend of mine has recently acquired them and did the refinishing and is now about to sell them. I think I need one...or two. Oh my, oh my!
I know I have some design friends out there. Shoot me an email if you are interested. They are an exceptional find!

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Mandi said...

Oh, see, if you got me on this a year ago, I would've felt the same way. But these chairs are. not. comfy. At all. So... personally I like to enjoy sitting down, and so I won't be investing in these chairs any time soon. There's a reason Bertoia was a metal sculpture and not actually a chair designer (with this very famous exception). BUT my new obsession would be the Saarinen tulip chairs. I must have some!!!