Sunday, July 11, 2010

Full Weekend...

Despite no real plans this weekend, we managed to still have a full one.
It started out with a trip to my mom's to take Z for a quick visit. I found these wonderful windows in their never ending stash of thrifted finds. Did I ever mention my parents are gypsies? *sigh* I love them.
While there Z picked flowers in grandma's garden.
She certainly got the green thumb from my grandma Lucy. Maw Maw Lucy used to be able to grow flowers just by putting seeds in regular 'ol dirt.
It always reminds me of her when I see momma's Zinnias. I tried planting some (my second attempt) and so for...not looking so good.
But hers are amazing and Z loves going pick the ones he wants.
There was also some rocket ship making going on in the Sanders house this weekend.
Z and I used my latest Masters Kit and made this super cool little rocket out of a toilet paper roll. You can see the "how-to" details on the Masters Blog.
Then he tested it out with a few trips around the yard!

He really did have a blast! LOL!
I also attended a bridal shower for my beautiful cousin Courtland. She is just beaming! So excited to be getting married and starting her new domestic adventure. I love the promise of pending nuptials!
Oh and while I was busy showering my cousin with gifts, sipping on mint tea & eating finger sandwiches, my hubs was hard at work at home.

Check out the freshly stained concrete in our new dining room! This addition is years in the making and it's just now starting to look like it's coming to realization! I'm so excited!!

Well that's all folks. Well...all for now...we still have a full day left in this lovely weekend and my husband is taking me on a date. A real dinner and a movie date! *le sigh*

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