Sunday, August 29, 2010

How Divine?!

Did I mention I've been busy?  Cause I have!
This week I've been pretty focused on Z's birthday party...but I managed to bang out a whole new line of jewelry today!!  Introducing...the "DEVINE" COLLECTION!!  SO proud of this one!  It really did turn out divine!  I've been collecting vintage religious metals and bits and pieces forever.  I love them but never really did much with them.  Till today.  Now I have a whole line of jewelry dedicated to them.  How's that for inspiration to make some more pieces?!  Here is one of my favorite pieces...
I actually have two of them so I may even get to keep one!  EKKK!  Well I'm sure you will be seeing more of this collection soon as I create more pieces to add to it.  You can check out the collection on my Deep South Gypsies facebook page.  If you haven't friended me yet, you must!!   So go check out the divine "Devine" Collection!

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