Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Getting Our DIY on...

Things are coming along in our renovations...
The hubs and I (mainly the hubs) have been working super hard on the improvements to our little corner of the world.  We have dreamed up these renovations and had them in the works or the better part of 8 years or so!  This past week we have pretty much finished the dining room.  There is still some detail work to be done but I'd say we are finished for the most part.  It no longer looks anything like a garage mission accomplished!
Then, since my husband suffers from creative ADD too...he decided to install a couple can lights outside to jazz out the outside a bit while we work on the inside.  I love how they class up the joint!  We still have a few more to add so they will line the entire front of the house.

Next we will tackle the kitchen/dining room wall...literally.  That bad boy is coming down!!  Wish us luck!

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Elizabeth (Beth) Moore said... the lighting... I know how difficult renovations can be... GOOD LUCK!! :-)