Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkins, Fall Dresses, Bare Legs & Cowboy Boots

Yes those are my fall loves!  And this weekend was full of them!
We had a packed weekend indeed.  Starting with dinner at PF Changs with another expecting couple which lead to lots of baby talk.  We considered going for ice cream at Cold Stone but decided against it since we were so full.  Poor decision on our part because guess who was spotted at the very same Cold Stone Creamery that night...Robert Pattenson himself.  I can still feel the sting of that one!  Dang, so close to a star sighting!

So then Saturday Z and I ran errands, did some thrifting, etc.  But then Sunday, Sunday was super busy!  We packed up the car and drove out to the best little pumpkin patch ever. 
It's called Mrs. Heather's Pumpkin Patch but they had tons for the kids to do.

Plenty of photo opts...
Lots of horsing around...
A giant enclosed slide that I was surprised that Z wanted anything to do with...
A crazy cool zip line that I was shocked Z got on...
It was by far his most adventurous moment to date...
He totally loved it!
Did I mention lots of photo opts?
Lots of running...
TONS of jumping...
Some water pumping...
And certainly TONS of pumpkins!!
This was his final selection.  He was so proud.
After we left the pumpkin patch we were starved.  We debated about doing the easy answer like McDonalds but we took a chance and went to the Bavarian restaurant since we don't get to go there as often as I would like.  It was wonderful as usual and Z really enjoyed his Bavarian waffles!

Next we moved on to Bass Pro and then on to a friends house for some visiting and catching up.  Z was a champ through it all.  Such a wonderful day!  I'll try to post his "Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin" picture from Bass Pro later.  It was so cute.  They had a great little backdrop for the kids to do pumpkin pics and they were doing Peanuts inspired arts and crafts...and was all free.  Pictures, crafts & free?  Yeah...I was impressed.

So there you have it.  Our wonderful fall weekend.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For the love of Yogi Bear...

Yes my son's love of Yogi Bear continues.
We made another trip to Jellystone this past weekend and Z was in his glory.  Oh the joys to get to see Yogi every morning and even for lunch as a special treat.  He was thrilled as usual. 
 Although the pool was open, there was a cool fall breeze blowing so we decided to steer clear of the water this time.  Instead, we got us a bowling set from the Ranger station and Z had fun putting them up and knocking them down.
 He also really enjoyed the mini golf.  We've played it before with him but it was so hot this summer that it was miserable...this time the weather was perfect!
 And what a perfect time of the year to go to Jellystone...during the Halloween season.  All month they do Halloween weekends for the kids.  Last week was the kiddie carnival weekend so things were really geared to the little ones.  Nothing too scary or over the top, just kiddo fun.  Z really enjoyed getting dressed up in his black spider man suit and getting a jump start on trick or treating.  It was so nice to just walk around the camp ground trick or treating, not having to worry about cars on the road or unsafe houses or those folks who like to scare the mess out of little ones when they come to the door.  It was just plain 'ol fun for the kids.

And speaking of fun, Z's favorite part was getting to paint the ceramics.  Here I caught a sweet father son craft session!  Oh how I love my boys.

Z is already counting down the days till our next visit to see Yogi Bear!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Guess What...

Yep, you read right, Z is gonna be a big brother!  I know, I know...I said we would never have another.  Well I lied.  LOL!  I guess you are wondering...was it a planned?  What happened?  What changed our minds?  Am I scared I'll have a repeat of my last horrible birth experience?

Ok, so here is what happened.  Yes, it was indeed planned.  David and I had been planning on this for months.  Ever since Mother's day this past May to be exact.  Zane came home from preschool with one of those little pieces of art with his hand prints and a sappy little poem.  I read the poem and put it on the fridge.  It touched my heart.  Everyday I would look at those hand prints and skim over that poem.  Then one afternoon I was getting a glass of water from the fridge and had the crazy thought that I wanted another one.  Crazy...I know.  If you don't know us personally you may not know how much of a handful Z is.  He is the most active, inquisitive, trying little boy you could ever meet.  He is needy and demanding and has to be in the middle of everything.  So obviously we didn't think we could handle another one.  Well now I have this crazy idea that maybe we could make it work.  People do it every day, right?  Ok, so I go to David and tell him my thoughts.  And I think he thought I was joking at first.  Then he asks..."Really?".  So I explain my reasoning to him.  All the standard stuff about Z having a brother or sister to play with and keep him company and the added joy it would bring to our family.  I told him how I wanted our little family to be a tight little army that we could rely on for anything and always be there for each other, even when no one else was there.  After this little discussion, I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was totally on board.  Now I'm sure flash forward a year from now when Z is crashing from a sugar high, running around the house like a crazed animal while we have a screaming, pooping, hungry infant trying to nap he will look at me and say "Well you HAD to have another one!"  LOL!  Kidding.  Sorta!  But right now we are overjoyed, thrilled to be adding this new chapter on to our lives.  Excited to see what life will throw at us.  And yes, terrified that we may not have what it takes to handle two wild ones!  But prepared to make it all work in our tiny little nest of a home. 

So what now?  Well we keep on truckin.  I will continue to work, because we are very much a two income working class family.  And I am a firm believer that you can have it all....a career, hobbies and a beautiful, well adjusted family.  I was raised that way and so was David.  We know it can work.  If our parents could do it, so can we.  It will be hard.  Any working mother can tell you that.  It's like working two full time jobs, but the rewards are so worth it.  I guess you could say I have three full time jobs that Deep South Gypsies has taken on such a wonderful following!  I'm so happy I could burst!  We are so fortunate to have the experiences we have had and so blessed to have this exciting future to look forward to.  We will be busier than ever, and I can't wait to share it all with you!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Oh Yellow... I love you.
This week over at we are using our favorite color as inspiration for our projects.  Here is my little's a little mini inspiration journal.  For more details, jump on over to to see my project as well as all the others!!