Wednesday, October 13, 2010

For the love of Yogi Bear...

Yes my son's love of Yogi Bear continues.
We made another trip to Jellystone this past weekend and Z was in his glory.  Oh the joys to get to see Yogi every morning and even for lunch as a special treat.  He was thrilled as usual. 
 Although the pool was open, there was a cool fall breeze blowing so we decided to steer clear of the water this time.  Instead, we got us a bowling set from the Ranger station and Z had fun putting them up and knocking them down.
 He also really enjoyed the mini golf.  We've played it before with him but it was so hot this summer that it was miserable...this time the weather was perfect!
 And what a perfect time of the year to go to Jellystone...during the Halloween season.  All month they do Halloween weekends for the kids.  Last week was the kiddie carnival weekend so things were really geared to the little ones.  Nothing too scary or over the top, just kiddo fun.  Z really enjoyed getting dressed up in his black spider man suit and getting a jump start on trick or treating.  It was so nice to just walk around the camp ground trick or treating, not having to worry about cars on the road or unsafe houses or those folks who like to scare the mess out of little ones when they come to the door.  It was just plain 'ol fun for the kids.

And speaking of fun, Z's favorite part was getting to paint the ceramics.  Here I caught a sweet father son craft session!  Oh how I love my boys.

Z is already counting down the days till our next visit to see Yogi Bear!

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