Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All Aboard!!

This year over the Thanksgiving holiday, we did something extra special.  We took a train ride on the POLAR EXPRESS!
 I realize I'm hella late posting this but I really thought I had posted them till someone mentioned it at Christmas that they still haven't see our Polar Express pictures!  (sorry Aunt Charlotte!!)

So here ya go...lots and lots of pics!!  It really was an amazing experience.  One that I'm sure we will do again when the little one is old enough to know what's going on.

We drove all the way to Palestine, TX and spent the night so we had plenty of time.  We went early that day and got a good look at the train in the day light and did some shopping in the gift shop since we knew it would be dark and kinda crazy that night.
 Not to mention it made for a great photo op during the day.
The train really was amazing.
 Z was in awe the whole time!

So we went check in our room and grab a bite to eat and changed Z into his PJs.  All the kids (and some adults) wore their PJs, just like in the book and movie. 

Then we got there early and patiently waited for the train to arrive.
It was freezing cold that the twenties.   It even sleeted on the drive there, so standing out in the cold waiting for the train wasn't easy but the excitement got us through it....well that and some refreshments.

 Finally the train came roaring in...all lit up and looking festive!
 We took our seats and waited for the ride to start.
 Z even seemed to gaze out the window at the station as if he was taking it all in and reflecting on it all.
 Once we got moving they started the party right away.  The "cooks" came out and served hot chocolate and sang Christmas songs.  They even came over the intercom and read the book as the staff walked up and down the isles with copies of the books for the kids to see the pictures.
 Then the conductor appeared...
 To punch the tickets of course!
 Z was all too proud and excited to have the conductor punch his ticket!

Soon after that, the train slowed and dimmed the lights.  They began to play the song "Believe" over the intercom and announced "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...we have arrived at the north pole!"  We looked out the window and saw a wonderful north pole lights display with Santa's house snug in the middle and Santa and Mrs. Claus stood outside waving to us.  I have to admit, I got choked up at that point.  It was so amazing.  All i could thing of was what Z must be thinking and feeling.  He was star struck!

So as the train got moving again on our way back home, they announced that Santa had boarded the train!  Z went crazy!  So excited!
 Santa came by and gave every child a bell from his sleigh.  So special!
 I think he will cherish this bell through his entire childhood!

Then during more Christmas songs, one of the "cooks" grabbed Z and started dancing with him.  He was such a sport!
 Finally our journey was done and we had to leave the Polar Express behind.
 But Z will forever have the memory of this amazing trip.  This is one thing I'm so proud to have done for our little boy.  He will cherish will we.
Just Believe.

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