Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Decor 2010

This year's theme is vintage white & bright green.
I've used some of my fav decorations from Christmas past...
...and added a few new pieces from Christmas present.
New this year is the two cute vintage looking garlands and the white feather trees...all bargains I snatched up from a local boutique that is not closed. 

So Z got really involved in the tree trimming this year.
In addition to his usual star adorning, he also put on two whole boxes of decorations.  He was a champ (and a ham).

Speaking of ham...would you look at this Santa picture.
This has CHEESE written all over it.  I was pretty amazed that he pulled out such a smile for this picture.  Usually if it's not me, David or my mom behind the camera, you won't get a genuine smile.  But this time, he was so excited to see Santa, he was just too proud and had to give a giant REAL smile!  Love it!

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Shell said...

beautiful decor and what a sweet picture, sha!