Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yogi Mania!!

As you all know my son adores Yogi Bear and Jellystone.  So when we heard the movie was coming out we got working on a game plan.
The last time we went camping there was a sale at the Ranger Station so we stocked up!  We got lots of odds and ins including gift wrap.  Then the week before we went see the movie we wrapped up all the goodies in the Yogi gift wrap and put them under the Christmas tree for Z to find.  Needless to say he was WILD!!  We told him Yogi had left them for him and wanted him to come see his movie!

So decked out in his Yogi gear...we were off to the movies! 
Z was in his glory...totally.
Such a great movie and WONDERFUL experience to share with Z!

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