Sunday, March 06, 2011

Getting Our Parade On

Did I ever tell you how much i don't like parades?
I really don't.  They serve no point really...they are crowded, usually too hot or too cold, people are rude and cranky, you have to camp out half the day before it starts and traffic is horrible.  Then it starts and you have to wave and yell to get them to throw you stuff you don't want, don't have a use for and have no idea where to store.  Once it's over you are tired, kids are nuts and hyped up on candy then you have to wait out the traffic to leave and weave up and down one way and closed streets to find you way out of the maze. 

BUT we endure it for our kiddos!  LOL!  All that to say that we took Z to his only Mardi Gras parade of the season this weekend!  He seemed about as impressed as I was.  He doesn't like the noise but loves to catch the candy and the occassional stuffed animal or toy.

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