Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 Sanders Beach Trip

Since this baby is coming soon, we decided to take a last minute beach trip!!
We got some reservations at a great new place called South Beach Suites right on the Biloxi beach.  Since I had some discomforts and stress going on with the pregnancy, this was a WELCOMED treat!
Z loves the beach and got to write his name in the sand all by himself this year!
We just played and relaxed and took a few pics.  The above pic is an annual shot I like to take showing my guys walking into the surf...I can't wait to see the next ones with all three of them and see how they progress each year!
Naturally there was sandcastle building by the pros.

And yes I felt a little...well..."beached" in all my prego glory.  Sorry, not bikini shots...although i did take a tiny dip in the pool in one.  Figured heck i don't know these people!  Who cares?!  LOL!

Z even had his very own velodrome for his monster trucks...his daddy *may* have had a hand in that.

Since the pool was still a bit chilly this was about as for as we got in but it was still very refreshing.  Hopefully we can manage another quick beach get away late this summer with our brand new addition in tow! 

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