Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Watch 2011 Begins

Although this picture was taken a couple weeks ago (at 36 weeks), I'm actually 38 weeks right now.  This pregnancy has been pretty easy but I knew in the back of my mind that it was gonna get intense.  Once I hit the 3rd trimester that became apparent.  Apparently that was the magic point where the doctors get concerned when there are certain underlying conditions like mine.  I have a rare blood disorder called ITP that causes me to have a much lower platelet count than normal.  On a regular basis it's not low enough to be concerned or be a big deal, but during pregnancy it can cause some issues.  We found that out in 2006 when we had our first child.  During delivery my platelets got dangerously low and I was not allowed to have an epidural.  At the time it was upsetting, obviously, but these things happen right?  So we went with it and had to have a very painful and unpleasant birthing experience with complications and the treat of a risky emergency c section.  I ended up not needing the section but cause some serious damage to my body in the process.  I went back to my regular doctor after delivery and knew that the OB that delivered my baby had left Woman's Hospital to teach at Earl K. Long.  That was that.

Fast forward to this pregnancy.  My regular doctor still doesn't deliver babies anymore so she referred me to a good OB and I've been getting great care with her.  When I hit my 3rd trimester mark she sent me to my hematologist to more closely monitor my platelet count.  It was lowish but not bad so we set up periodic appointments to check it and keep it in a good range.  My doctors are finally paying attention and seem to be really dedicated to making this a great experience for our family. My OB and hematologist even exchanged cell phone... numbers and agreed to call each other directly to discuss issues as they arise, which I had never heard of! They really want me to be able to be awake for the section so they are trying really hard to keep my platelets up enough for them to give me the epi.  Last week they checked my count again and freaked out when my blood work came back showing they had dipped down lower than they were when I delivered for Zane.  They put me on steroid treatments and rechecked my blood yesterday. It's still pretty low but just up above what they need it to be in order to do the epi. They will check me again next week which will give them enough time if they have to admit me to give me IV treatments (which have to be done two days before surgery) that would boost them before the section. It's all pretty medical, which I hate but it's a plan...which I love. My mind is just racing and I'm exhausted just thinking about it...and getting very nervous!
At least we feel a little more in control and feel like things are being monitored as they should be.  We just keep focusing on the joy of this occasion and are hopeful that it will be a much better experience.

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