Sunday, May 08, 2011

A day for mommies

Being 8 months pregnant on Mother's day is special. 
It reminds me of how much my mother went through and scarifies for me and my brother.  And it makes me feel extra special that I'm growing our very own little family inside me.   And my boys pampered me too;)  I woke up to chocolate chip pancakes and other brunch yummies prepared by my hubs and my daddy.  So sweet! 
I also had a wonderful surprise in our new dressing area that my husband has been working super hard on...he and Z went to Bed Bath & Beyond and got tons of accessories and finishing touches to finish off the area!  Such a sweet surprise!  They love me.  They really love me.

But the day was bitter sweet...
It reminded me of was her birthday too.  She would have been beaming to see my big 'ol pregnant belly on this day.  But we remembered her and honored her just the same.  Love you maw maw Lucy.  Happy Mother's Day.

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