Friday, June 17, 2011

Can I get a redo?

...a bedroom redo? 
As you know we have been doing lots of home improvements lately and it seems we have neglected our bedroom over the years.  I don't really know why we haven't given the bedroom the attention it deserves...I mean it's supposed to be soothing and calming and it's far from that.  Right now it totally stresses me out.  So we are investing in some changes to make it more soothing and more of a retreat and a place we wanna be in.  I'm totally excited about the changes!!  Everything from carpet to paint furniture and bedding and even wall decor.  It's gonna totally rock!  Ekkkk!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Two weeks already?

So our little bird is 2 weeks old already.
And doing great!  Growing by leaps and bounds!  At his doctor's appointment this week he gained 14 oz in just a week.  So proud and in love with this little guy.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

...One Week

One week old.
 Last week here we were...headed to the hospital.
Now this little guy is here and already a week old!  Where does the time go? 

Life is so precious.  He makes it even more so. 

Checkin' Up

Little bird made it to his first doctor's appointment and is lookin' good. 
Just like his big brother, he didn't like being all undressed and checked out but otherwise he did great!
Doctor Ferrell was thrilled to check out our new addition.
And we got some sweet moments this shot
And this face is just priceless;)
Since we are breastfeeding this go round we will be going back for another check up next week to check his weight and make sure he is still on track.
Right now we are just taking each moment as it comes and relearning this baby thing!  LOL!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

A Baby Bird Story...

He's here!  The baby bird made it safe and sound.  Thursday, May 26 at 11:29 a.m., Liam Cole Sanders joined our family and captured our hearts forever.
It's been a long journey filled with lots of ups and downs that led us to a crazy delivery right up to the very last second...literally! 

So let me take you through it.  During my first pregnancy we learned that I have a blood condition that effects my platelet count.  This condition gets worse with pregnancy but this go round we were monitoring it properly so we were aware of my counts and taking measures to pull them up.  Since we were trying to maintain a certain platelet count for the actual delivery and knowing some of the complications we ran into delivering Zane, combined with the thought that Liam would be a slightly bigger baby, we were advised that a Cesarean delivery was best.  With the decision to do the c section, we were able to set a date and set up a series of tests, blood work and treatments to get my platelet count where it needed to be.  We set the date for May 26 and the plan was to do blood work in the weeks leading up to it and give treatments to boost my levels as needed.  The results came back for the tests two weeks prior to delivery and the levels were low.  I was put on oral steroid treatments for a week and rechecked a week later.  It appeared to work, my platelets came up and we were on track.  Continuing the steroid treatments for another week, we tested again a week before delivery and were shocked that they had dropped dramatically.  So they had to step it up and do some more intense treatment.  On the 24th, I was admitted to Woman's Hospital to undergo a six hour IV infusion treatment.  It was a long day and we were told they may just keep me in the hospital till the baby was born.  By the end of the day they decided to let me go home and just come back to my hematologist office the next day to recheck blood work to see if it worked.  Wednesday morning we went back and rechecked and were again surprised that it didn't work.  It was still below the "magic" number they wanted in order to do an epidural.  The anesthesiologist we spoke to when I was getting the infusion told me the count couldn't be any lower than 80, count was 69,000.  My hematologist was still hopeful though and felt they count would continue to go higher by the next day and that some of the platelet clusters would show up as individual counts.  They instructed me to come in at 8 a.m. Thursday morning (the day of delivery) and check blood work.  If the count wasn't up they would give me a platelet transfusion and that would ensure my numbers would come up right before delivery.  Thursday morning we made it to the hospital nice and early and ready to get this baby into our world.  The anesthesiologist that was there this time had a different "magic" number...he wanted it 100,000.  That made me very nervous but I was assured that the count was probably up or near where it needed to be and they platelet transfusion was available to help ensure we get to where we need to be.  They did the blood work and got me admitted.  It seemed to take forever to get the results.  Finally they were in.  It wasn't good.  The nurse gave me the news.  58,000.  My heart dropped.  That was not even close enough for the transfusion to help.  I couldn't hold it together anymore and for the first time, I lost it.  I just laid there and cried as the thoughts raced through my head.  We prayed so hard for a good experience and it was all falling apart.  David held my hand and told me it was all going to work out fine and they are gonna make sure I'm taken care of.  The anesthesiologist came in and discussed options, the only one we had left was to put me under for the delivery.  It was our worse case scenario.  Me, all alone in a cold operating room as my son comes into the world.  David not getting to see his son being born.  Not having the support and encouragement of my mother by my side either.  I was a mess.  Time was getting short and they began the surgery prep immediately.  I said made peace with the situation, took a deep breath and got a last minute kiss from my sweet hubs before they wheeled me to the OR.  They hooked me up to all the monitors and explained everything to me about the procedure, the anesthesia, the tube down my throat, and how they will do all the prep right until the doctor is ready to cut before they actually put me under so the baby gets the least amount of the drugs as possible.  The doctors came in and talked to me for a second and made sure I was ready.  The anesthesiologist was positioned at my head and they had the IV ready for the injection and they were putting the oxygen on me when a nurse came rushing in and STOP!  We did a manual platelet count and it's 83,000...we got approval to do the epi!!   OMG!  I was thrilled! THRILLED!  They had to run to the waiting room and find David and my mom and get them suited up.  I was quickly disconnected from all the monitors, given the epi (with an OR full of people which was freaky) and in came my hubs and mom beaming!  They got me all reconnected and we were ready to go!  I got the epi and they did the section without any complications or issues! 
 Our perfectly healthy baby boy was here and it was all worth it!  The nurses held him up and asked David if he wanted to get a picture...uhhhh...a camera?  There wasn't time to grab a camera!  LOL!  Thank God for the iPhone!  So all the pics we got were phone pics.  And they are perfect.
 It was fast and furious and intense and perfect.

 Big brother Zane was SO proud and fell in love with our little guy right away.
 We stayed in the hospital till Sunday and took our little bundle home.

Our family is now complete.  Life is good.  We are blessed.