Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a Little "Staycation"

We were getting a little stir crazy around the house so we thought we would take a little "staycation".
 Zane had been asking go on a boat so what better that the USS Kidd?  David and I had never been to tour it and it is a local tourist attraction so we decided we would head to Baton Rouge and see the sights.
 We bought souvenirs
 We posed for pictures.
 We saw the sights.
 We took it learned some history.
 We took it all in.
 Although it was a gloomy day, we braved the rain and made it out to the boat itself.
 It made for a great day out...well minus a typical Zane melt down thrown in the mix.
All in all it was a great outing.  When we were done we headed downtown to grab some pizza and call it a day.

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