Sunday, September 04, 2011

Domestic Goodness

It makes me SO happy to have little pockets of time through the day to be able to whip up a little yummy treat here and there.
Now don't get me wrong...90% of the time I don't have time to brush my hair much less whip up a boiled egg but sometimes...I get a wonderful little pocket of time that is not allocated to jewelry or laundry or dishes or feeding or changing or burping something.  During those occurrences, I make yummies like this! 
Above are just regular canned biscuits tucked into a mini muffin tin and then ham and cheese are nestled inside a few.  Then others just have a sprinkling of cheese and seasoning mix.  Once baked up they make great little bread bites for breakfast or to eat along side your lite lunch.

Speaking of lunch, I had a great loaf of "everything" bread that was going stale and was about to have to be thrown out if we didn't finish it off so I had an idea to make a little Tapas lunch spread for the hubs and I. 

I sliced up the bread and toasted it up with some olive oil and it tasted AMAZING!  Then sliced up some cheeses and meats and sliced up son roasted red peppers and presto...a wonderful tapas lunch!  YUM!

Now for some serious yum...I can't take the credit for this one because I saw it on a blog somewhere...but don't remember where.
It's a blueberry yogurt pop.  I made it by putting whole blue berries in my mold first then pureed blueberries mixed with a little vanilla yogurt and then layer in the vanilla yogurt and freeze.  Oh my holy yumminess!

You totally need to try these treats!!

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