Sunday, October 16, 2011

Carney Days...

Another Acadian Festival has come and gone.
 This is a tradition that has been a part of my childhood and I'm happy to pass it on to my kids.
 It's not exactly as I remember it...nothing ever really is as you get older but hopefully we can create some wonderful fair memories with our boys. 
This year Zane was in charge of his own tickets and he had to decide how to use them.  Oh the choices!
It was so funny to see him insist on riding his favorite ride from last year and then to see his face when it got going and see him realize it was such a baby ride...the look on his face was "the thrill is gone" look!  LOL
So we upgraded. 
I was nervous and asked him to be brave as he picked the helicopters as his next choice.
He picked his helicopter and waited for the ride to start.

Giving me grins and photo ops the whole time!
All the while as Daddy looked on proudly;)

Then they took off...
HIGH in the air....I just knew he would freak, but no.  He thought it was awesome and although he didn't want to ride it again he said it was his favorite part of the fair!

Then there was the dragon roller coaster that he thought was a baby ride...but he thought he would give it a go anyway since he had ticket to burn up.
Well when it took off it had sudden jurkey movements that he was not a fan of and he all but yelled for the guy to stop the ride!  He was thrilled to get off of this one!

So this was Liam's first carny experience...he did great.  He just took it all in.  The sights, the sounds, the smells...none of it phased him.  And for as many people that snuck a peek in his stroller, we could have charged admission!  LOL

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