Monday, October 03, 2011

Diaper Duty

So many folks have asked me about out experience with the cloth diapers that I thought I would give you a little update now that we are a few weeks in. 
We totally love them! They are so easy.
This is how we store an over the door shoe organizer so they are easy to grab and seeing the colors makes me happy;)
So far we haven't had any rashes and since we figured out that we could double up the inserts we haven't had a problem with leaks either. We use disposables overnight and sometimes when we are out running the roads for ease of changing in public but really they are super easy to change. We also opted to get these great disposable liners that make changing poopie diapers a breeze. They come on a roll and resemble a thin dryer sheet and are flushable so when you change the diaper you just pick up the liner and flush it. Couldn't be easier!
This is what the basic set up looks like...
As for laundry, since the diapers we bought come with the plush absorbent inserts, you only change the inserts unless baby wets though. So you only have to change the diaper itself one a day which cuts down on laundry, water, detergent, energy, etc! It's a great solution all around. I highly recommend modern day cloth diapering...this ain't your momma's cloth diapers!

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