Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Flock hits BOO at the Zoo!

So we took our flock to the zoo to show off the new costumes...
 It took a while before our little raven "warmed up" to things but he soon had a great time.
We went with his friends Bobby and Ella so he had some kiddos to pal around with;)

Soon he was even setting up photo op and asking me to take his pic!  LOL
And our little owl was such a doll, he was so good and hung out like a champ!

We were one of the last groups to make it out of the zoo and by that time Zane had take off his raven hoodie so now he just looks like he is dressed likr one of the little boys frome the "Just Dance 2" video game!  LOL!

 And how cute are these BFFs?  Adorable.
 Finally after trying all afternoon, I was able to get a group pic of rhe kids while we were waiting for the guys to pull the cars around to load up. 
 It was such a beautiful day and I got to hang out with my sweet friend Jamey while the kiddos played and collected candy so I call that a major success!

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