Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dear Santa...

With all that was going on this year I was afraid with Christmas fast approching that we wouldn't get any Santa pics for the kids.
Obviously with this being Liam's first Christmas we couldn't let this happen.  Then Zane came home with this (above) adorable picture that was taken at school during a special "pajama party" they had for the kindergarden classes.  It was perfect.  I was happy with that but still needed something for Liam. 

So with just a few days before Christmas and Z out of school me and my parents packed up the kids to go to a follow up doctor's appointment from my surgery and decided it would be the perfect time to sneek in some Santa pics!
 We took these at the Bass Pro Shop
 Very happy with them
 AND...if you were with the first group there when Santa arrived (which we happened to be), you got to ride the merry go round WITH Santa!  How lucky is that?!  Score.

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