Monday, December 05, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME

I was a lucky girl this year for my birthday...
Not one cake...but TWO
 My girl Jamey got me this delish chocolate one and had a lovely snack spread prepared as we watched the LSU tigers play some football against her home team of Georgia.  It was fabulous.

AND my hubs got me this big 'ol wonderful cookie cake (picked up & delivered by our sweet friend Alissa)

As for the gift, well the hubs outdid himself again this year...
 I've had my eye on the beautiful Mignon Faget ring ever since I saw it and now it's mine, mine, MINE!

Speaking of cheese and crackers, also part of my birthday weekend...the parents kept the kiddos while the hubs and I caught a movie (Breaking Dawn!!) and ran by whole foods...this was the outcome...
A glorious cheese selection that stocks our fridge!  SO pleased! 

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