Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Traditions

After a pretty trying week at school, Zane had a great day on Friday so as a reward I planned some great fall activities for him.
We started out by roasting pumpkin seeds.  Since we weren't planning on carving our pumpkins I bought a package of pumpkin seeds from the store to roast and picked up some old bay to give some seasoning without any added heat (Z is very sensitive to spice).

We had a great time learning about these traditions;)   And it's not everyday you get to roast pumpkin seeds and sip hot apple cider with Spiderman!  LOL
We just layed the seeds out flat on the baking pan and sprinkled with olive oil and seasoning (or you could just use salt) and toasted in the toaster oven till golden.    They were yummy!

While we were working on our pumpkin seeds we were sippin' on hot apple cider that we picked up from the store as well.  It was great timing because we got a sudden cold snap this weekend!

Then we moved on to pumpkin painting...
Z painted both sides of his, a vampire on one side and a spider on the other.

I painted a spider web on Liam's pumpkin....A design I saw on Pintrest and was excited to get to work on!
Love our fall projects and looking forward to more!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

A punkin' pickin' we will go...

Picking the perfect pumpkin is a process...
its an event really
 it involves lots of stops and photo ops
 and Zane took advantage of all of it
 This was our second time at Ms. Heather's Pumpkin Patch in Hammond and it's amazing...and HUGE! 
Zane's class went for a field trip but we kinda went off on our own and did a family thing instead.
 This was Liam's first trip to the pumpkin patch and there was lots for him to see!

Paw Paw Freddie came along to lend a hand since daddy had to work.   Zane loved having Paw Paw there.

Finally we found the perfect pumpkin.

Liam just chilled most of the time in his stroller but seemed to really enjoy being outside in the beautiful weather.

Just as last year, Z loved the zipline, although he looked a little more frightened this year than he did last year but still loved it.

He even got his face painted;)
And got to pet some of the animals in the petting zoo too!
It was a full and eventful day.  We left tired and a little stressed to say the least!
But we had pumpkins!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Impromptu boys photo shoot

While at a birthday party for our friend Annie's sweet little princess Bella, I looked over and saw our boys hanging out on a big glorious white hammock and hand to snap some quick pics. 
I love how pure and classic they look. 

 Perfect backdrop.
Always keep an eye out for the perfect shot.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bird Watching Anyone?

Well it all started with an episode of Project Runway.  (doesn't everything start that way?)
Zane saw us watching the Project Runway episode where they were making designs based on birds.  He instantly looked at me and told me he wanted to dress up like a bird.  So I asked him what kind of bird and he began to tell me more...a black bird he says.  So my wheels began to turn. 

I then figured if he was a bird then that would be perfect because i could make Liam a bird too...but what kind?  A sweet little fluffy baby bird or an owl?  Well the owl was just too cute not to do.
And momma and daddy...well we had to dress as bird watchers;)

So here is how I did it...

For the Raven costume I just started with a black hoodie, a craft mask, some felt, some black fringe trim and a couple bags of black feathers. 

I started by sewing the feathers to the trim
Then I sewed the trim down the arms of the hoodie.

Then I covered the front of the mask with black felt (over the eye holes and all) and secured it with hot glue.   Next I took a scrap of cardstock and make an extended beak and covered it with felt (front and back) and hot glued it to the inside of the nose section of the mask.

Once the felt was all clued and the beak was attached I started hot gluing the feathers in rows to completely cover the mask.
Finally I cut the eyes out of the felt circles and layered them on top the eye area.  I stitched the yellow circle to make them look sewn but they are actually all glued together.
Then I hand stitched the mask to the top of the hoodie so it would sit on top of his head.  My son has an issue with putting a mask on his face so this was a perfect option for him.  Plus we wanna see those sweet kiddos faces in pics, right?

With the Raven costume done I moved on to the owl for Liam.
I started with strips of scrap fabric I had left over from the projects I did in his nursery, a plain white onesie, a white hat, some felt and a couple feathers.
I cut fabric "feathers" out of the fabric strips
then stitched them together in random patterns in groups of  5 or so.
I actually then hot glued the feather strips to the onesie to save time and effort but you could sew them on if you want a more permanent solution.
Then i worked on the eyes by doing the felt in the same manner that I did the raven's eyes.
But I tucked some spotted feathers under the round part of the eyes for the owl before I glued them down to make them more owl-like. Then I added the beak in felt and hand stitched in to the little hat.
Since he is a spitter, I made him a matching burp cloth with the scraps and a cute little owl iron on I found at Hob Lob;)
I just love how my little birds turned out;)