Saturday, January 14, 2012

Girl Gone Red

You heard me right...I've gone red.
Red highlights!  I went today to get my annual haircut and decided that I would get them done since I had been wanting them forever!  When the hairdresser asked me what color I wanted I told her red...unnatural, bright red!  She asked me if i was sure I wanted THAT color for my first time coloring my hair.  I said...YEAH, go big or go home! 

I never thought I could actually do this though.  I've always worried what my boss would think, what would my coworkers say, how would this effect my job and so on. 
Well now that I'm my own boss I don't have those concerns anymore.  It's taken me almost a year to really absorb that feeling of freedom. 

So I can now scratch this off my bucket list!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Easy Pasta Salad

Growing up my Daddy used to always make pasta salad...I just wasn't into it.
NOW, as an adult I love it.  And this is how I make it. 

1 bag of boiled tri colored noodles
5 or 6 boiled eggs
1 can of sliced black olives
6 to 10 green onions cut all the way down to the whites (use green & white part)
diced summer sausage
desired amount of mayo

Once you have cooked the noodles and eggs, peel the eggs and dice them up, slightly mash the yellows, combine it all in a big bowl with your black olives, onions, diced summer sausage and the desired amount of mayo to make it as moist as you would like and you are done.  I like to eat it fresh and slightly warm but it is good strait out the fridge!  YUM!

Project Interior

So I saw a friend post that they were getting rid of some things on facebook last week and I saw a picture of a divine vintage yellow velvet chair.  I knew it had to be mine.  I immediately though of a black and white chevron pillow on it and I was in love.  So as we promptly bought it and picked it up and I ordered the fabric so by the weekend my chair/pillow project where done;)

NOW, I just need to get this amazing rug from Urban Outfitters.
And perhaps do some cool hanging lamps like
Ohhh, and the paint color...I die.

The wonder of a snow globe

This is something I've wanted to make for years!
Finally this year with a little inspiration from Anthro we did it!  It was super easy and Z had a blast.
 We just got some glittered Christmas decorations from the store, some glass jars, green picks from the floral dept, white felt and glitter.  We glued down the white felt on the inside of the lids and then placed all the decorations and green pieces where we wanted them and hot glued it all in place.  We put the glitter inside the jar then screwed the top on the jar and we were done.  No water involved so no leaks.  Easy.

Boys in Ties!!

How doesn't like a handsome boy in a bow tie?  Well I found a great tutorial on Pinterest for making these sweet little bow ties and quickly got to work!
I made these super cute matching bow ties for the boys to wear for Christmas!
Thrilled.  Totally priceless.