Saturday, January 14, 2012

Girl Gone Red

You heard me right...I've gone red.
Red highlights!  I went today to get my annual haircut and decided that I would get them done since I had been wanting them forever!  When the hairdresser asked me what color I wanted I told her red...unnatural, bright red!  She asked me if i was sure I wanted THAT color for my first time coloring my hair.  I said...YEAH, go big or go home! 

I never thought I could actually do this though.  I've always worried what my boss would think, what would my coworkers say, how would this effect my job and so on. 
Well now that I'm my own boss I don't have those concerns anymore.  It's taken me almost a year to really absorb that feeling of freedom. 

So I can now scratch this off my bucket list!

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