Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Interior - Chevron Rug

Catching up on a little blogging this morning and I thought I'd share the chevron rug I did last month
 It was a super easy project and a fraction of the price I've seen in the stores.  I've wanted one of these for months but the one I had my eye one at Urban Outfitters has been on back order so I got impatient and decided to try to make my own. 

Large black area rug (Wal Mart has a great inexpensive option)
Black and white chevron print fabric
Spray adhesive
Black grosgrain ribbon
Hot glue gun & glue
Scotch guard Spray

To make it i just measured my fabric out allowing a 3 inch border for the black of the rug to show around the edge then cut the fabric to size.

Next I brought it outside and sprayed the back side of the fabric with spray adhesive.
Also spray the area of the rug where the fabric will need to stick to...careful to only spray the area where the fabric will go and remember to allow for your border along the edge.  (follow the directions on the spray adhesive can for best results)
Finally you are ready to carefully apply your chevron fabric to your rug, smoothing it out as you go and applying appropriate pressure.
Now that you have your fabric down, allow a little time for it to dry outside or in a well vented area then you can bring indoors and begin to apply your ribbon trim.  I found the quickest and easiest way was to use hot glue but I'm sure you could use some other form of craft glue as well.  Pay special attention to the edges and corners to make sure they are glued down well.  Speaking of corners, I cut them at an angle to make mitered corners for a more finished look.
And that's it.
You can also spray it will Scotchguard to protect it since it's fabric and not washable.