Monday, June 18, 2012

Mommy Summer Camp

So this summer I decided that since Zane is such a routine oriented kid, I thought he would enjoy some more structured activities. 

When I saw how much he enjoyed a week of the YMCA summer camp he attended I was conflicted.  Pay a huge amount of money to send him to a camp that I know he enjoys.  But then on the other hand, it's seems like such  a waste because I'm home and could do something for him myself that I'm sure he would enjoy.  So that's exactly what I decided to attempt.  And Mommy Summer Camp was born.

We do all sorts of fun stuff!  We have a simple curriculum dotted with activities, projects, arts and crafts, learning worksheets, games and experiments.  We do reading time and play time and just enjoy each other.  We take breaks and have snacks and works so well!  It almost makes me think I could do this homeschooling thing.  ALMOST. 

In this picture we were making our own paint!  (you can see how here) He had a blast!  Pinterst is your best friend for projects like this;)

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