Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sneek Attack

Did you know you could use your cyber stalking skills for good?
Oh yeah...I stalked a friend of mine's Pinterest board cause I wanted to bring something to surprise her for her son's birthday party.  She was bummed out cause she didn't get to do any of the wonderful things she had carefully picked out to do for his birthday party because she was in the hospital the week before his party.  So I nosed around on her pinterest boards and found a board with birthday party ideas she was saving and found these!  So I whipped them up and brought them to the party for her.  They turned out great and I think I have found a new party food go to item!  I had to give her props for pinning this treat!  They are caramel covered green grapes dipped in crushed salted peanuts.  So yummy!  My point is, you must do this for someone one day!  Use your cyber stalking for good;)

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